Better coffee, delivered


Better coffee, delivered


About Us


Why is our coffee service named Alice? Alice was a super funny, very direct, highly competent young woman who managed the office at my first “real job.”  She ran a tight ship.  And, among other things, she made – indeed, insisted upon – great office coffee.

When the office moved to K-cups, Alice was pretty stoked.  We all were.  It meant we could each enjoy our own flavor.  And, it meant Alice was more or less liberated from her “coffee station” duties.  But, it didn’t take Alice – or any of us – long to realize that with K-cups, flavor was badly wanting.

“These things taste like dirt!” she’d fume.  “Let’s get the old equipment back!”  She railed daily.  For a while, we all did.  Then we just accepted the mediocrity of K-cups.  As she bluntly put it, “We all gulped the dirt.”

Alice left, married a river-rafting guide named Arden, and moved to Stanley, Idaho.  I see her Instagrams.  Spectacular.  She says Arden makes, “A kick*** cup of camp fire Joe.”  Good for Alice.

A few years and jobs later – and yet another office with K-cups – I couldn’t stand it any more.  I researched the topic, and the answer was seemingly pretty simple:  freshness makes all the difference!  To my horror, I learned that most K-cups have been sitting around for months … even years. Gross. I set out to build a business that dramatically cuts the time between roasting the coffee and drinking the coffee!   And, here it is:  Alice.  Named for an indomitable spirit who would not settle for bad coffee.

As a Just-in Time roaster and packer, every coffee we sell has a “Fresh Roasted On” date.  You’ll never see one that’s more than 14-days old.  Though the concept of fresh is simple enough, there's really nothing simple about what we do to ensure it … we’re 100% confident you’ll taste the difference! 

In addition our own line of crazy-fresh coffees – the "Alice Inspirations" – we curate fresh coffees from artisan roasters across America.  We feature new coffees all the time!  Love a local roaster that you'd love to see in a K-cup?  Use "Contact Us" to let us know and we'll do our best!

At Alice, we don’t ask you to join anything.  There’s no subscription, membership fee, minimum orders or anything like that.  All we ask is that you give us a try.  Great taste is what should keep you coming back.   

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